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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hola Goddesses!

A special someone suggested that I post pics of myself at the gym, so here is the first.

Just finished Zumba class at LA Fitness

 I have been working out consistently for about 2 1/2 to 3 months.  I've lost about 10 pounds and want to lose 8 more.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I'm only 5'4" so just 5 pounds of extra weight makes a difference on me and it takes longer for me to lose pounds since I'm not seriously overweight.  I have noticed a big difference in how my clothes fit which is awesome and I've been losing inches! My body type is naturally muscular, kinda hour glass with broad shoulders, smaller natural waist and larger hips.  I have been getting a lot of encouraging compliments at the gym from guys and girls so that makes me want to go harder! I also want to build more lean muscle, tone my arms, sculpt my abs and get a bigger  firmer booty!

Early last year, I went through a really bad break up and I made a promise to myself this April that I was sick of the way I looked and I would dedicate this year to getting into the best shape of my life.  I also really wanted to be healthy and take care of my body as best I can. I eat healthy as well: lean meats, fruits and veggies.  I do try to have a cheat day once a week so I don't go crazy cause I do love to eat!

 I go to the gym 5 to 6 days a week and I go hiking on Sundays.  I also do one round of the Body Rocker Weight Workout 2x a week.  I work out at LA Fitness and I love it because they offer so may different classes so I will not get bored.  The classes I take are an hour each. When I do just regular cardio, it is usually on the elliptical or the stair-mill (which is the best machine ever made!).  I love to do yoga, get my salsa on in Zumba, and take the spinning/cycling class when I can.

Here's what my typical workout week looks like:

Sunday: Hiking (outdoors), Power Yoga
Monday: Zumba, Power Yoga
Tuesday: Zumba, Body Rocker Weight Workout
Wednesday: Power Yoga, Cardio
Thursday: Off day
Friday: Body Works (weight toning class), Cardio
Saturday: Zumba, Body Rocker Weight Workout

Also, my off day will change based on what day my current graduate school class is being held.

I recently found a tumblr page called They have amazingly motivating pictures of beautifully fit women that help me get inspired!

I hope my story helps you want to workout and get fit and healthy too!


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Goddess Thoughts...  

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be brave and be patient. Have faith in yourself; trust in the significance of your life and the purpose of your passion. You are strong enough to sit in the space between spaces and allow divine inspiration to shed some light. When you put positive energy and productive effort into the world, it will come back to you. Occasionally, in ways, you might not immediately understand and on a time frame you didn’t expect. Look. Listen. Learn. Stay open. Your destiny is awaiting you.

— Jillian Michaels Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional LifePhotobucket

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