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Monday, July 26, 2010

Hola Goddesses!

I have a fun and easy nail art tutorial to share. I love the color coral for summer and Orly included this cream hue named Olé in their VIVA! Summer 2010 collection which I will be using as the base for this manicure.

Here are the products I will be using:

1. Give yourself a manicure by soaking your hands, pushing back your cuticles and filing and buffing your nails. I love the Orly French Polynesian Travel Kit For Hands. It smells delicious and makes my hands super soft. Make sure your nail beds are clean , dry and free of residue.

2. Prep your nail beds with ASP Prep N Clean Dehydrantto dehydrate your nail surface for maximum adhesion of the polish.

3. Apply Nail Life Gripper Basecoatto help the polish from chipping and to protect your nails from being stained.

4. Apply three, thin coats of Orly Olé or your favorite shade. Be sure to let each coat dry for a full 2 minutes to ensure there is no bubbling of the polish.

5. Using a So Easy Double Up Detailing/Dotting Nail Brushand acrylic craft paint, start at the bottom tip of the nail and make dots along the free edge and up the side of the nail. Then, using your second color, repeat the same process, this time placing the dot in between each dot of the previous color and let the design dry.

6 . Seal in your design and polish with a good top coat. I love to use Orly Won't Chip Polish Shieldwhich has a protective polymer that helps nail lacquer resist chipping and peeling . This is a great time to also moisturize your cuticles with Orly Cuticle Oil + which conditions cuticles to promote nail growth.

Here is the finished look:

Love, Peace & Lip Gloss!

Sally Beauty 234x60

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